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UP OCC Technology 
As one of three OCC technology manufacturers around the world, Wan Lung
uses this unique material & technology on a full range of audio/video cables and
related accessories. Wan Lung has also registered the trademark as “UP-OCC
(single crystal)” worldwide.

There are many different materials that we can provide for use on different
designs of cable. They include conductor material, shielding material,
jacket, etc. We offer this as a customization option for each customer.
After more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, we know that a good
sounding cable is not only about good configuration but also the material used
because this is one of the important factors that will affect the cable
electrical characteristic & performance.
Our R&D team has also developed a number of special materials for different
cable applications and/or environmental compliance.

Technical Test & Report
For the purpose of accuracy in the electrical characteristic for all the
cable we produce and design, we perform the technical testing for all of our
products to ensure that the cable has the mechanical performance & electrical
specifications that we have designed and expect. Wan Lung carries a variety
of testing equipment for complete cable testing.

 --Our goal is not only to produce cable, but also to produce a good sounding
cable which will satisfy many audiophiles.--